Congratulations with your City-line Saintpaulia! Note that the Saintpaulia is a perennial, it will easily bloom multiply times if the circumstances are right. Below some important nursery advise is given in order to let you enjoy the plant as long as possible.

Temperature The Saintpaulia is a real house plant. The ideal en­vironment tem­perature is be­tween 17-25 °C. However, keep the plant away from air drafts.

Water Watering depends on the location of the plant. Check once a week if the soil is still wet. If it is getting dry give the plant some water, but make sure there is no remnant of water in the pot. If the plant is very dry, try to water it twice during that day in (very) small amounts. Don't spill water on the flowers, cause that can damage them.

Plant nutrition Fertilise the plant every 4 weeks by adding a small portion to the water. It will make your plant stronger such that you can enjoy it as long as possible. It will also improve the creation of new buds on the plant. 

Flowering period The flowering period of this plant is normaly about 12 weeks. As said, with a good nursery, the lifetime of the City-line Saintpaulia is very long (> 1 jaar) and the plant will bloom again and again.

Bloomed flowers In order keep the plant on its best is recommended to remove all bloomed flowers. The new flowers have a better chance to develop themself.

Do not consume! Despite the Saint­paulia is not a toxic plant and Mariënoord works maximal biological, we do not recommened to eat the plant. It is however possible to use the flowers for decoration. For example using the flowers on/aside a diner bord.