Kwekerij Mariënoord b.v.

Kwekerij Mariënoord is a real family business created by Harry and Ria van der Knaap. Their son John van der Knaap sees the great potential of the company that his parents build and wants to continue producing and creating (new) Saintpaulia's of high quality and exclusivity. The main focus of the company (of about 1500m2) is exclusivity, customization and flexibility. 

The brand City-line was born around 1987 together with the breeding section of the company. In the breeding section we are continuously improving the variaties in quality and color. Also the more exclusive Saintpaulia's are cultivated in this section. Only a variaty that fulfills the strict conditions of the breeding section is named after a (international) city. So far the City-line brand includes four different types of Saintpaulia's and more than 20 different variaties/colours. We produce about 1,8 million plants in a year.

Our mission is to show the awesomeness of the plant and its potentials to the world. The City-line Saintpaulia offers a great decorative value for many rooms, where everyone can enjoy them.